May 2017 Events 
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Monday Night Bhajans (MNB) …Every Monday 7 pm onwards 
Everyone is welcome is attend and participate in our regular Men’s Monday night bhajans from 7 pm onwards. The program is as follows: 
7:00 pm to 7:20 pm Aarti  
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm Traditional Bhakta Bhajans (Men’s Bhajan Mandal)  
9:30 pm onwards Dinner  
For further info, please call our Sanmukhbhai Gordhanbhai  
Kabir Vichar – 2nd Thursday of every month .. 7 pm onwards  
Yogeshvar Prabhu Lilamrut Parayan…Saturday May 6th 1 pm onwards 
The program will be as follows: 
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm Yogeshvar Prabhu Lilamrut Parayan 
7:00 pm – 7:20 pm Aarti 
7:30 pm onwards Dinner 
Geeta Parayan…Sunday May 7th 1 pm onwards 
The program will be as follows: 
1:00 pm - 7:00 pm Geeta Parayan 
7:00 pm – 7:20 pm Aarti 
7:30 pm onwards Dinner 
Our heartfelt thanks to both Minaxiben & Indravadanbhai for organizing and sponsoring both of the above inspirational events…

Catalina Island Fun Trip… Saturday May 13th early morning 
A whole day fun trip to Catalina Island is being organized for Saturday May 13th with departure from Long Beach. The tentative program is as follows: 
7:30 am – Meet at Long Beach Port 
8:00 am – Board boat for Catalina island 
9:00 am – Arrive at Catalina Island 
9;30 am to 5 pm – Fun activities on island with Pot luck picnic lunch 
5:30 pm – Pizza dinner 
7:00 pm – Board return boat to Long Beach 
Approximate costs are as follows: 
Seniors ( 55+) - $75 
Youth and Adults - $80  
Cost includes boat trip and pizza dinner. Please note that we will be having a pot luck picnic lunch…so bring your favorite dishes! 
All those interested, please give your names to our Maganbhai by May 7th 2017. More details for this trip will be put on our Mandir’s notice board.  
Ladies Bhajans …Tuesday May 23rd 4 pm onwards  
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Ladies Bhajans followed by Aarti and dinner  

Establishment of Bhakta Heritage Center (“Bhakta Museum”) at Shree Ramkabir Mandir, Carson (USA) 
Our Bhakta Samaj has been in existence for over two hundred years, and through these years, our rich Bhakta history, traditions, high values and culture have been passed on from generation to generation mainly by proper upbringing and through word of mouth.  
The educational and financial success we see today of bhaktajans (worldwide) is mainly due to the good values and culture we were brought up with. So, for the long term benefit of our Bhakta Samaj, it is extremely important that we maintain and pass on these good Bhakta values, culture, and heritage to the future generation. 
Today, the majority of our Bhakta Samaj lives outside of India. Hence, there is a general concern among our elder Bhakta generation (worldwide) that, in the new Western environment, we may slowly lose our good values, traditions, history and culture, as time goes. 
To help correct this situation, the Board of Trustees of Shree Ramkabir Mandir (Carson) is pleased to announce the establishment of the Bhakta Heritage Center (or Bhakta Museum) at our Shree Ramkabir Mandir in Carson (USA).  
The inspiration for establishing the Bhakta Heritage Center came from the Kabir Bhakta Milan event, which took place at Shree Ramkabir Mandir (Carson) as part of its 2016 Kabir Jayanti Celebrations. 
The primary goals of the Bhakta Heritage Center are to formally collect and store the following information: 
1. Bhakta traditions, rituals and values, which includes our traditional Bhakta Bhajans 
2. History of our Bhakta Samaj in India 
3. History of Bhakta Community living worldwide – USA, UK, Panama, Canada, Trinidad, Africa, Australia, New Zealand. (This will be done for each country). 
4. Family trees of individual bhaktajans, specifically of our vadils who have passed away 
5. Bhakta Samaj’s connection with Satguru Kabir 
6. History of our Bhakta Institutions (e.g Mandirs in Kabir Vad, Surat, and Mumbai, Bhakta Ashram etc) 
7. Special and unique achievements of Bhaktajans 
This way, there will be an institution that our future generations can refer to and learn about our traditions, values, and history.  
Achieving the goals of the Bhakta Heritage Center will require a long term commitment and help of Bhaktajans living worldwide. However, through this project, Bhaktajans worldwide will be working together to serve a common goal of our global Bhakta community. This itself will be truly inspiring… 
Our Ramkabir Mandir in Carson has received donations and support from Bhaktajans worldwide, and, this is one small way we will help serve the needs of our worldwide Bhakta Samaj.  
Details of the 2017 goals for this project will be announced in the coming months through Kabirvani and our mandir’s website